Imagine returning home from your vacation in better shape than when you left! Surf Inn Hermosa makes it easier than ever to have the best of both worlds: fun exciting travel adventures without sacrificing your fitness goals. Quickly becoming one of the most popular fitness vacation destinations, Costa Rica offers the perfect spot within which to lose a few extra pounds, try a new sport, or just enjoy the tropical paradise as you stay fit and active while on vacation. For those who are obsessed with fitness, going on vacation has become more than a trip to a beautiful, sandy beach on an island in a warm, tropical climate.

Here in Costa Rica, our local gyms, yoga studios and fitness facilities welcomes Surf Inn Hermosa guests to the challenge of a Costa Rican type of CrossFit class. By incorporating a daily high intensity workout into your holiday, Surf Inn Hermosa helps you maintain your momentum of training on a daily basis. All of the guess work is taken out of the equation – Surf Inn Hermosa makes it easy for you to continue your fitness and intensity while traveling. A planned fitness program coupled with a surfing program makes for the ultimate vacation!

Custom Fitness Surf Vacation Packages include transportation to and from SJO airport, one crossfit class per day, one surf session per day, accommodations, breakfast and dinner. High Intensity Fitness classes are available every day except for Sunday.

Package Price: $1,295 shared or $1,595 private accommodations.

Inquire about more information or begin the reservation process here:

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