Review by John, Lorrie and John, Jr, USA

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us during our stay at surf inn. The place was beautiful and your staff was great. I will be sure to stay with you all again( hopefully in the near future). We really needed a good vacation to put are mind at ease and you all provided it. Well I got to go, but again thank you all for everything……Thanks so much

Review by Mimi from New Jersey, USA
“I just got back from a week at Surf Inn Hermosa, and what an amazing week it was! The Inn was comfortable and safe, offering a unique alternative to bland, Americanized resort hotels. Our host Christina was so friendly and helpful in setting up all of our activities. The tour guides and surf instructors were awesome! Surf sessions were followed by delicious coffee and breakfasts in the cool beach town of Jaco. Yoga classes were held in beautiful settings with very talented teachers. In a weeks’ vacation, we surfed, snorkeled, SUP, hiked, did zip lines, waterfall rappelling and almost daily yoga! And in between all of these sports, the meals were amazing, lots of fresh seafood – healthy and yummy! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I highly recommend Surf Inn Hermosa for a true Costa Rican yoga and surf retreat.” May 4, 2015. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by Marisa from Massachusetts, USA:

“Surf Inn Hermosa was great! I highly recommend the yoga retreat there. I wish I could have stayed longer!. My room was very comfortable and very clean.

Christina (the owner) was awesome! She did a great job of organizing my schedule and fitting in the excursions that I requested. She also organized a spa day for me on my last day before I had to leave for the airport in the evening. She was really friendly and had a great attitude.

I had a yoga class every day except for when I had a full day excursion booked. The yoga classes were in all different locations (urban studios, beach, jungle) with different instructors, so there was some great variety. Each instructor had their own uniqueness in how they taught their class. It was great to experience the different classes and teachers, and it opened my mind to trying different types of yoga when I got back home.

I had surf lessons on two of the days I was down there. I had never surfed before, and I don’t consider myself to be a strong swimmer, so I was really nervous about the surf part of the trip, but the surf instructors I worked with did such a great job. They started with a surf lesson on the sand, and made me feel really comfortable once I got into the ocean. I really amazed myself by actually standing up and surfing during my first lesson. I never thought I would be able to do that!

A couple of the surfing instructors were also my guides on a snorkeling excursion, and another excursion to a volcano and waterfall. They were awesome guides. They made the trip a lot of fun, and were very knowledgeable. The retreat included breakfast and dinner, and each day it was at a different location / restaurant. All of the food was delicious, and there was a lot of variety. Overall, I had an amazing time. I felt very comfortable traveling alone there. I really hope to go back some day! ”  April 10, 2015. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by Katrina from New York, USA:

“This was my first time in Costa Rica and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to stay at! I traveled solo. Christina, the owner, is awesome! Very efficient, competent, kind, generous, and genuinely cares about her guests, Surf Inn, what she does as well as the local community. I informed Christina just before arriving that my knee started bothering me so I was hesitant to surf. She was so flexible and helpful in finding other low-impact activities for me at the last minute (hiking, training at the gym, massages)!

Christina really listened to what I truly wanted to experience during my stay (balance of rest and activities) and she made it happen. She was also very generous with her time (she drove me every day to the morning activities) and her spot-on life advice. I highly recommend the package (vs just renting a room) as Christina arranges everything using only trusted and top-notch individuals. Very personalized service and you really feel taken cared of. And Christina is very flexible and full of suggestions (she’s very well-connected in the community). I also did the ATV and zip line at Ocean Ranch Park which Christina arranged – awesome experience!

Accommodations were top-notch as well, modern but still staying true to a surf vibe. Spacious rooms, hot water, A/C, drinking water, welcome fruits, Wi-Fi, cable TV, right on the beach with ample shaded nooks and crannies scattered throughout. Kitchen was awesome and I used it to cook almost all of my brunches (there’s a nearby small grocery store amidst several restaurants). All the hotel staff were super friendly and very helpful! Overall, I had an amazing stay and look forward to returning.”  April 1, 2015. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by Oana from London, United Kingdom:

“The yoga and surfing retreat at Surf Inn Hermosa exceeded my expectations. I had fun, the kind of fun I only had when I was a child, without worries. Traveling so far away from London by myself I must admit, I was a bit nervous, but here is what I found: Christina was very kind to arrange the transfer from San Jose to Playa Hermosa and it was great. The driver was on time and took me safely to the destination.

Surf Inn Hermosa was exactly what I was looking for, clean and warm and most important – it was right on the beach. Safety wise, we were a group of 5 girls and Christina made sure we had everything we need. For surfing, I have no words here :). The surfing experts Christina is working with, have done a great job to make sure we have the confidence to surf by ourselves by the end of the week. It was my first time surfing and I was a bit scared but I trusted the team and by day 4, I managed to catch my first wave – total bliss!

Yoga was fantastic. Great teachers! We did dynamic Vinyasa every evening. Both the teachers helped me adjust and improve on some of my asanas. Christina made sure we experience the true Costa Rican food as she took us to local places for breakfast and dinner. If you go, don’t forget to do some snorkelling, SUP, to watch an amazing sunset, to wake up every morning and watch the surfers in front of the Hermosa Inn, and go to the Ocean Ranch National Park. Oh and I recommend booking 6+ nights as 5 is not enough. Christina and the team did a great job to make my holiday Pura Vida. I highly recommend this retreat.  March 24, 2015. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by Dale from USA:

“Surf Inn Hermosa was INCREDIBLE! I am a 21 year old female who visited for a week in March for Spring break. I travelled by myself, and Christina was amazing at making me feel comfortable, relaxed, and excited! Before arriving, she was so helpful. She worked with me and my needs to create a schedule and overall plans (including financial) to make me feel comfortable and like I was getting the most out of my trip. Surf Inn offers apartments to rent if you want to do your own thing, or rooms to stay in (shared or private) if you choose to do the Surf Inn programs such as surfing and yoga/general exercise.

The facility was really well built, the rooms were fabulous and large and included a kitchen, Wi-Fi, and TV. There were even smoothies in the refrigerator, bananas, coffee, and fresh water included in the room! The pool was very nice, small, but very cozy and refreshing. It has a ledge to sit on, and is a relatively deep pool (about 4’10”). The facility also included security at night, sun decks, a grassy area, and was right on the beach. It is surrounded by other hotels/inns, restaurants, and small grocery stores. I chose to partake in the activities that Surf Inn offered (so I wasn’t just staying in the facility, but paid for the retreat). The surf lessons were incredible! All of the instructors were so knowledgeable and helpful, and all have varying levels of professional surfing experience.

By the end of the trip I could surf on some decent, but beginner-level, waves! Every day we either did yoga, Zumba, stand-up-paddleboarding, or some other form of physical exercise. We would usually surf in the morning, eat breakfast, have free time, do yoga/exercise, go to dinner, and then go to bed. It was so much fun! Christina also lets you know about additional trips/excursions you can pay for which include a coffee farm, ATVing, Ocean Ranch park, visiting waterfalls, visiting the national zoo, zip lining, and horseback riding. I did Ocean Ranch which was incredible, it included zip lining, riding horseback, and rappelling down a waterfall. Overall, the experience with Christina, Christina’s employees/contacts, and at Surf Inn in general was incredible. I already miss it and can’t wait to go back!  March 17 2015. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by Jenny from Perth, Australia:

“I had a really fantastic experience for my yoga/surf retreat at Surf Inn Hermosa. Christina was amazingly supportive and well organised. I was met well at the airport by Esteban the surf guide and shown all that I need to know. Playa Hermosa is a wonderful setting just South of Jaco so wasn’t too far to go into town but we did need a ride from time to time. The package was active, well-balanced, and entertaining. We had choices in what we would do in our free time as well which included stand-up paddle-boarding, massages, treks etc. It was very flexible. They also considered the best time and places to go surfing and made arrangements for other activities dependent on that. The surf guides were all brilliant, they were instructive and supportive, so we were well looked after as the group was small it was even better. I really enjoyed my stay that I stayed on for a few more nights. I would recommend to anyone who wants an active break, it really kick-started my fitness again!”  March 10, 2015. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by Meredith from NYC, USA:

“I had a fantastic time on the 6-day Budget Oceanfront Yoga Retreat at Surf Inn Hermosa. I spent the first week of 2015 there and was far better than I could have anticipated, a really invigorating way to start the new year! I’m a twenty-something media professional living in NYC and I decided to take my first solo vacation in Costa Rica. I spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica, the last of which was at Surf Inn. I spent the first week camping so when I arrived at Surf Inn I was thrilled to find a comfortable bed, AC and a working WiFi! The inn is intimate, it feels more like you’re staying in a friend’s guest house than at a resort. Each room has a kitchen (fridge, stove and cookware), it’s own WiFi, 3 beds and a futon. It was incredibly comfortable. I had opted for a shared room (which is a lower cost than a private room) but when I arrived was told I was upgraded to private at no charge. Lucky me! The grounds are beautiful! There is a pool and a private grassy area with beach chairs before you hit the sand.

Before I even got to Costa Rica, Christina kept in close contact with me via email. She asked my dietary restrictions, what activities/excursions I’d like to try (made suggestions and gave pricing etc). Two days before check in, she had already sent me a detailed schedule for day 1 – which included lunch, a surf lesson, and a sunset yoga session. Upon arrival, I received the itinerary for the rest of my stay. We did yoga and surfed every day, along with some SUP or other excursions of your choice. It was a very active week – we were always moving! There would be a couple hours of break set aside mid-day, which was a perfect chance to relax on the lawn or do a little extra surfing on your own. Everything was thought out – I really didn’t need to make any decisions. It. Was. Fantastic.”  February 10 2015. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by Christopher from New Jersey, USA:

“I had an awesome time. Christina was an amazing guide and very knowledgeable of local customs. For someone who’s never been to the country before, I can say she’s the ideal person for the job. The itinerary she had planned was followed to a T and there was never a dull moment. Accommodations and amenities were fantastic. I would definitely do it again and stay at Surf Inn Hermosa. Pura Vida!”   November 24, 2014. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by Allison Heck from New York City, USA:

“I had a wonderful experience on the 6-day budget yoga retreat at the Surf Inn. I’m an active female in my late 20s who was traveling alone. Christina, the hotel owner and retreat guide, was very welcoming, flexible, and fun. She made me feel safe, and arranged and accompanied me on an action-packed itinerary.

Hotel – The Surf Inn is located on Playa Hermosa, a beautiful stretch of beach with good waves and a handful of hotels and restaurants. Jaco, the nearby town, is more touristy and more populated. My room was steps from the beach, was very clean, and had great amenities (well functioning air conditioning, WiFi, and cable TV). The one downside of the hotel is that the waves make swimming somewhat dangerous; however, there is a small pool to get wet in if you get hot while sitting on the beach.

Activities – Christina tailors the week’s activities for each traveler. Because I was there during low season, I was the only person doing my particular package (although the rest of the hotel was filled with surfers). Each day consisted of 1-2 fitness activities and 1 yoga class. Fitness activities included HIIT, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing lessons, and hiking (all of which were held within a 15 minute drive of the hotel). We attended yoga classes at local studios, providing some nice variety in terms of yoga type, instructor, studio feel, etc. We also visited a nearby resort to use the huge pool and spa, which was a nice way to relax midweek.

Food – We ate several good meals at the Surf Inn – all featured fresh fruits and vegetables from Costa Rica, as well as healthy grains or proteins. We also ate a few delicious meals at Christina’s favorite local restaurants, which was a great opportunity to try to local cuisine and see the scene.

Compared to other more traditional yoga retreats that I have attended, this retreat is much more personal (however, this also means you can’t get lost in the crowd if that’s what you’re looking for), and includes a much broader spectrum of activities (and no lectures or chanting, which were sometimes challenging to sit through for me). Overall, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for an active adventure week where all of your activities have been planned for you.”   August 26, 2014. BookYogaRetreats, edited

Review by a traveler from Jacksonville, USA:

“My son who was a regular visitor of Costa Rica saw this place while surfing a few years ago. Now, that he was bringing his family, he wanted to make sure we had a nice and safe place to stay near his surf spots. Well, the Surf Inn Hermosa did not let any of us down! Our 2 bedroom apartment was perfect for us with an oceanfront porch and big glass windows to see the Pacific Ocean up close and personal. The owner, Christina, was very attentive and full of information and recommendations. This was our first trip and we felt very safe staying here with their nightly security guard.

Mary Sol was very friendly and always around and did a great job with our laundry and anything else we needed. The air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and hot solar water has never let us down. It is also a great location for eating for Bowie’s Point is only one door away. I highly recommend it for all meals, especially during nights for “hanging out”. The pool is small, but very refreshing after hiking to the great waterfalls close by. Location is fairly central and you can head both south (Manuel Antonio NP: Rainmaker: Dominical) or north for day trips (Paos: Tortuga Catamaran: Villa Caletas). I would definitely stay here again! July 25, 2013. Trip Advisor website, edited

Review by Ann from New Jersey, USA:

” The location is key. Playa Hermosa is a mellow little strip – removed from all the noise and chaos of Jaco, but with its own quiet scene. There’s still a bar (The Backyard), restaurants, yoga classes, and great cheap massages, so I never felt the need to go to Jaco. You can watch great surfing right off the decks of the 2 bedroom condos, because the best waves are right out there in front of you. As beginners, we opted not to surf here, but we still found it a great place to settle for a night.

Scarlet macaws make their rounds right over the hotel and seem to love the trees right on the property. Several restaurants just a few steps away, as well as a small market. Vista Hermosa, 2 doors down and right on the beach, was one of our favorite places to eat, although you don’t need to go any farther than Surf Inn’s own roof cafe for breakfast. The pool is small, but well shaded and very refreshing. And the lawn out front is Great!

My daughters both have sensory issues and that grass made it possible for all of us to enjoy some lounging time outside with the waves just beyond us. There were plenty of chaises and it was nice to have that alternative to sand for a change. The rooms are comfortable and well air-conditioned. The 2 bedroom condos have 2 large, clean bathrooms, and a great living space with really comfy couches (one of my kids preferred to sleep on one). Towels were a bit crunchy from being dried in the sun, but I appreciate the eco-friendliness of it.

Christina, who runs the place, is really great. We mentioned when we made our reservation that we might be interested in setting up surf lessons for our son. She e-mailed us the night before our trip to let us know that the swells might be a little much for him and recommended instead that we enjoy a surf competition that was taking place close by. It’s this kind of thoughtfulness that really makes the difference on these trips. ”  March, 2012. Trip Advisor website, edited

Review by a traveler from New York, USA:

“My girlfriend and I had a wonderful five-night stay at Surf Inn Hermosa. Upon arriving, we were met by the wonderful Marysol, who got us settled in, then introduced us to Christina, the friendly innkeeper. Christina was fabulous and sat down with the two of us in their lovely top-floor outdoor dining/party area to help us plan out our stay.

Christina was full of recommendations and greatly assisted us by calling tour operators, etc., to check availability and book tours. We wound up doing the standard variety of activities, including an ATV tour, ziplining, horseback riding, and of course, surf lessons. (I’m not a surfer but I gather the waves at Playa Hermosa are for the intermediate and above surfer so Christina sent us to Jaco Beach for our beginner lessons, which were a blast!)

Surf Inn is situated directly on Playa Hermosa and thus has a wonderful view of the beach. The building is itself is modern and well-maintained. The rooms were clean and contained everything we needed for a comfortable stay. If you want to eat in but don’t feel like cooking, they offer reasonably priced meals that need to be scheduled in advance. They have a small pool perfect for cooling off and a beachfront lounge area with beach chairs atop golf course-quality grass.

We didn’t have a vehicle for our stay, but they do have a small parking lot with a night-time guard to watch your vehicle. While Hermosa is fairly small and “tranquilo,” there are a number of quality restaurants and a small corner store within walking distance. Downtown Jaco is just a short 6-10 USD cab ride away. While we are not the hardcore surfers Surf Inn Hermosa clearly caters to, we still found it to be a great place to stay. If you seek a comfortable, reasonably priced stay with a “tranquilo” vibe, Surf Inn Hermosa is your place! ”  November, 2012. Trip Advisor website, edited


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